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Meet Some of Our Talented Ukulele Teachers


UKULELE Instructor

Gina earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music from William & Mary in Virginia. While completing her education, she was a member of chamber groups along with being a member of the UVA Big Band Ensemble and a vocalist with an A Capella Group. She released a solo album title “World’s Getting Loud 2016” and is currently working on her sophomore album which will be a live-composed funk collective called “Choose Your Adventure”. She teaches Voice, Flute, Sax, Piano, Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Guitar, Ukulele, and Song Writing.


UKULELE Instructor

Jesse received his education from University of California in San Diego where he studied under Pepe Romero. He went on to study Jazz Guitar with Peter Sprague and Spanish Classical Guitar with Celin Romero. He spent 3 months in Bangalore, India where he studied sitar from a former a student of Ravi Shankar. He teaches Guitar to the advanced levels in a variety of styles. He also teaches Sitar and Ukulele.


UKULELE Instructor

John is a professional guitarist, pianist, arranger, composer, and teacher. He has had the pleasure of working and studying with Paul Sidoti (Taylor Swift), Mahealane (Harry Styles), Michael O’Neill (George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire), Raymond Revel + more. John also arranges and composes music for various Show Choirs in the U.S. In addition, John writes and records his own music.


UKULELE Instructor

Paola earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music with the Emphasis in Music Education from Mount Saint Mary’s University. She holds a Single Subject Music Credential. She attended University of Shiga Prefectrue in Hikone, Japan. She is currently the Music Educator for VAPA Education Project San Diego Unified School District. She is a full-time teacher and substitute for various levels and subjects. She performed with various orchestras, concerts, and festivals. She teaches flute, piano, and ukulele.



UKULELE Instructor

Reed is currently working on his Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Cincinnati College of Conservatory of Music. He was the primary music instructor for Bridgit Dawn’s Studio of Performing Arts in Pennsylvania. He has extensive experience in Community Theatre, Jazz Band, and Wind Ensemble. He teaches Voice, Piano, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Ukulele.


UKULELE Instructor

Robert attended Mesa College and then continued his education at University of California San Diego’s Music Department. He studied Musical Engineering, Theory, and Jazz Band. He is the drummer of the Band The Wildside Band of San Diego. He worked as a Sound Engineer and Drummer for the Baptist Church in San Diego and was on the drumline for the Blue Devil’s Marching Band. He is a professional musician and teacher who has instructed marching bands and helps with both studio and live performances. Robert teaches drums in a variety of styles.

"Where words fail, music speaks."

-Hans Christian Andersen

“Musicians want to be the loud voice for so many quiet hearts.”

— Billy Joel

“Music kept me off the streets and out of trouble and gave me something that was mine that no one could take away from me.”

— Eddie Van Halen

“Music kept me off the streets and out of trouble and gave me something that was mine that no one could take away from me.”

— Eddie Van Halen

“People haven’t always been there for me, but music always has.”

— Taylor Swift

“I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.”

― Tom Waits

“A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.”

— Leopold Stokowsk

“The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.”

— Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“Music is my religion.”

— Jimi Hendrix

“Music should be an essential part of every analysis.”

— Carl Jung

You can sing a song to 85,000 people and they’ll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons.”

― Dave Grohl

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”

— Albert Einstein

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